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We offer high-performance servers for a wide range of games at affordable prices.

Business Media Solutions

Need a web site? Simple, with a couple pages and a contact space. Or perhaps a complex multi-service business portal with employee login, online schedules, shared folders, live statistics and stock information. Our Business Media Solutions ranges from online web sites, intranet portals, offline devices user interface, and much more. We are dedicated into bringing you specific solutions that can fit your business needs and enhance your productivity and your efficiency and by expanding the technological abilities of your network. Perhaps your company operates various off-site crews and could use a GPS-powered solution to: manage each teams, plan routes, get live position feedbacks and acquire a better situation awareness (weather, traffic, accidents, etc.) of your operating area.


A personalised solution for your personal or professional needs!

Here at X-R, we take great care into personalising your media project to your liking. Every step of its conception is carefully validated with you and anything can be changed during the conception time. Using progressive previews and live feedback adjustments (whenever possible), you can count on us to guide you through each step of your project until you have reached full satisfaction.

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